And On A Positive Note…

While the world deals with these unprecedented times, and seemingly everyone is “locked down”, social distancing has lead to many people learning of new ways to reach out and connect closely.

During the times that we cannot be physically close, we can & should connect virtually & often! If you haven’t already seen these, take some time & be entertained by some of the world’s celebrity’s while stepping inside their homes…

John Krasinski, of ‘The Office’ fame, has started his own online show – SGN (Some Good News), watch episode 1 here:

Chris Martin, of the world famous, ever popular ‘Coldplay’ seemed like he was a little frustrated to be at home and not able to be out performing for his fans, and so played a mini gig from his home. He confesses to not using Instagram that often, and you can tell that this is just so off the cuff, as he randomly reads messages and requests from fans – he shows how humble a guy he is, this is so ‘down to earth’ & it is great to be entertained by such a talented guy from his home to yours!


The above Home performance has lead to many other performances as a series called #TogetherAtHome (you can search this online); but it also lead to the One World:Together At Home concert bringing many performers together to support all community health workers!

And then there’s this guy – Captain Tom Moore, a soon to be 100 year old Hero who started a campaign to raise initially £100 by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. He has far surpassed this and has so far raised in excess of £28 million for the NHS nurses, staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients! What an amazing guy – he deserves a knighthood!

Lastly we Love the recognition that all the Doctors, nurses, and carers are now receiving and deserve – every Thursday at 8pm over in the United Kingdom, it seems the whole country is stepping out on their front doorsteps to applaud the carers – #clapforcarers; this does seem to be spreading across the world!